Collectively written by Ken Kesey, Robert Blucher, Ben Bochner, James Finley, Jeff Forester, Bennett Huffman, Lynn Jeffress, Neil Lidstrom, H. Highwater Powers, Jane Sather, Charles Varani, Meredith Wadley, Lidia Yuknavitch (aka Lidia Yukman), and Ken Zimmerman.

Requiescat in pace you beautiful creatures gone to the stars too soon, Ken, Bennett, and Lynn. Here’s a little Grateful Dead (provided to YouTube by Grateful Dead/Rhino): “Playing in the Band.”

Longform fiction

@ upstreet thirteen / “Wake”

@ Glimmer Train / two Family Matters Honorable Mentions, for “Underwater” (published as “Wake” in upstreet thirteen) and “Mr. Allen’s Long Visit”

@ Collateral / “Runaway

@ Longleaf Review / “Blow” – nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2020.

@ Line of Advance / “The Favorite Hour” – Third Place for Prose by Military Family Member, 2020 Darron L. Wright Award, published in Our Best War Stories: Prize-winning Poetry & Prose from the Col. Darron L. Wright Memorial Awards, available at

@ New World WritingMr. Allen’s Long Visit

Flash fiction

@ Bartleby Snopes / “No Brainer

@ Mash Stories / “Agreement” / “I Saw You Today

@ INVICITUS / “Silent Streets

@ The Dribble Drabble Review / 50–word story, “Sands of Time

International idioms reimagined as fiction series:

@ Lammergeier / “He’s Spent Many Years Turning Chickens (Portuguese: Ele já passou muitos anos a virar frangos)

@ JMWW / “Two International Idioms Reimagined as Fiction

I. We See Whose Mother Is Spinning Black Wool (Croatian: Da vidimo čija majka crnu vunu prede)”

II. To Have a Stick in One’s Ear (Danish: At Have en Pind i Øret)

@ Gone Lawn / “Ten People, Ten Colors (Japanese: Juunin Toiro)

@ Orca Lit / Issue 3, Spring 2020

I. You Can Sharpen an Ax on top of his Head (Russian: Хоть кол на голове теши)

II. To Steal the German’s Pipe (Romanian: A Fura Luleaua Neamțului)

III. Go Bother Camões (Portuguese: Vai Chatear o Camões)

@ Lunate Fiction / “Three International Idioms Reimagined as Fiction, 3

I. Not in Front What Is Behind (Texasdeutsch: Nicht vorne wie hinten sein)

II. Single Grass, Single Dewdrop (Chinese: 一枝草,一點露)

III. To Get There by Four Paths (French: Y aller par quatre chemins)

@ Flash Fiction Magazine / “You Can Give it to the Rabbits (Swiss-German: Das chönnt Sie de Haase gäh)”

@ Disquiet Arts / “Two International Idioms Reimagined as Fiction”

I. I See Black for You (German: Ich sehe Schwartz für Sie)

II. Heading for a Cliff

@ Bandit Fiction / “Outside as a Balcony (Italian: Fuori come un balcone),” & “Ride as a Hare (Russian: Ехать зайцем)”

@ Fiction Kitchen Berlin, “Whoever Gets Burnt from the Porridge, Blows on the Yogurt, Too (Greek: όποιος καεί με το χυλό φυσά και το γιαούρτι)

Forthcoming @Fudoki Magazine, “Take Hold of the Hair (Spanish: Tomar el pelo)”